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Date: 26th July 2016
Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane
Rail mounted container gantry crane ?(also called RMG ) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at ?container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from ?container ships. ?Container cranes consist of a supporting ?framework that can traverse the length of a quay or yard, and a moving platform ?called a "spreader". The spreader can be lowered down on top of a ?container and locks onto the container's four locking points ?("cornercastings"), using a twistlock mechanism. Cranes normally transport ?a single container at once, however some newer ?cranes have the capability to pick up two ?to four 20-foot containers at once. ?Main Features ?1) High performance variable frequency ?driving sstem; ?2) Independant variable frequency anti-sway ?system; ?3) Real--time monitoring system,over load ?warning & protect system; ?4) Cabin ergonomic design,comfortable and ?luxury; ?5) High level configuration,professional ?service; ?6) Weather anchor,saving energy and ?protecting environment; ?7) Rotate spreader,flexibility landing.